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About FBC

We believe in the leaders and teams behind the great ideas. We work with inspiring entrepreneurs, disrupting industries with innovative products and services, to enable the next billion consumers across India and South-East Asian markets.


We are also endless optimists and never let obstacles get in the way of potential. If we believe in the team and proposition, and feel that we can add real value, we are always happy to talk. Like most people, however, we do have a type: "not too early, not too late". We like to invest in tech-enabled startups from Seed to Series B rounds, with a preference for Pre-Series A and Series A. 

Our investment philosophy is built on strong partnerships and we often co-invest with leading institutional ventures and private equity funds. FBC is anchored by Singapore-based RB Investments, which has built these close relationships over years of co-investing in over 60+ global ventures such as Swiggy, ShareChat, GlowRoad, HomeLane, Sugar Cosmetics, PropTiger, BlueStone, Impact Guru, Fab Hotels, and many more. Furthermore, RB Investments' venture capital fund that specialises in late-stage venture capital and private equity, making it the perfect partnership vehicle for late-stage rounds.

FBC is an early-stage VC, partnering with exceptional founders to build disruptive, tech-enabled companies.

How we work

We like our coffee black

Honesty goes a long way and although it's not always pretty, we will be fully transparent. At the end of the day, your success is our success, and we are here with the goal to grow together

You're the boss

It's your company and nobody knows it as well as you do. You take the lead and decide how much involvement you need, and we will be here to support.

Alone is never stronger

A successful startup requires dedication, creativity and imagination. We believe that the best work is achieved in teams and that any output can become better with the right partners. That's why we've teamed up with anything from lawyers to brand strategists, to provide holistic support for every aspect of your journey

Chin up!

Let's be real.. we all fall on our asses sometimes. What sets us apart is how we learn from our failures. That's why we encourage our founders to always do their best, even if they fail, just make sure you learn and then move on with equal force

Image by Fey Marin

We would lie if we said we didn't have a type..

We want to see in our founders the same passion and dedication that we have ourselves. If we don't vibe, we don't subscribe. But if we do, we do so because we know that you will put your soul into your mission, and so will we.

We utilise the strength in community and teamwork, leveraging our wide network of resources to provide our startups with literally every tool in the toolbox. We have partnerships with top specialists in their fields, including;

Brand strategy consultants

PR consultants


Marketing agencies

Legal assistants

Celebrity talent managers

Digital marketing specialists

Tax specialists

Design agencies

Strategic Partnerships

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